Black Friday

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I eat crudites for dinner.

not giving up on…people

"I know your feeling restless
Like life’s not on your side
It’s weighing heavy on your mind”

-always need to remember that the lowest lows are tests 

time pressure

only 3 more weeks left of school and time is passing by too quickly. everyone is reminiscing because college is almost over-only a year left until we enter the real world and wtf am i going to do?

i look back to a year ago where i desperately wanted the school year to end (sophomore slump) and it amazes me how much can change in a year. to make this year ranking as good or i’d say a 9 out of 10, i’ll get the summer internship situation figured out before school ends. 



getting it. 

a song that || my life

"i got mine and he got his 
i coulda had a girl to straighten out my life 
fall deep in love and take that babe for my wife 
i coulda had religion but that ain’t too good 
i coulda had a heart and done things like i should 
so babe let me know how do you feel 
and babe let me know when your life gets too real 
we’ll put some love deep in our veins 
somewhere in our hearts, things won’t be the same”

[spaceman 3-“things’ll never be the same”]

people person

having no idea where my phone is made me realize how dependent i am. i guess i need to be in contact with people.

now the real question is: to go to vegas or not?

apathy releases me

a midterm tomorrow and another on friday but going to the beach regardless


MGMT - Weekend Wars

staying up until 4am on both friday and saturday nights may not have been the smartest decision…

lets be playful not pretentious.

[photo by tim walker]


dear higher power / God,

please help me land at least one of the multiple internships i am  interview-ing /-ed for. i will be forever grateful.


Medina - You & I (Deadmau5 Remix)

roller coaster ride #highs&lows